Internet Sabbatical–an after-the-fact review

My home has been without internet for the past 10 months. While this put a serious damper on my communication with the outside world, the benefits have been as follows.

-Learning how to entertain myself again. I remember those times as a child when all we had was 10 hours in the car, 6 other people, and our imaginations (pretty much every weekend, actually). While most of the time was spent with my baby boy I did get some time to just rock in the rocking chair and think. So refreshing!

-Spending some wonderful bonding time with my little guy–completely uninterrupted, intentional time.

-Learning how to be a better homemaker–I mean really. With all that time on my hands I had to do something. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I chose to go on this electronics fast or something. This was something my husband and I did out of necessity, not choice. It’s just nice to find the upside of going without something I never thought I’d have to go without. I’m super excited to be connected again and hopefully I can use my time online wisely and not let the access take over my homelife.

Glad to be with you all again!