Don’t Let Pinterest Replace Your Mom


Let me start off by saying that I love Pinterest. It’s so useful and fun to see other people’s ideas and steal them for my own (insert evil laugh here). But, as any social media website, it also has its downsides. We are losing the knowledge of an older generation of women. How many of us younger women have asked the older and wiser women in our lives to show us how to, say, cook a turkey for Thanksgiving instead of looking it up online? Do you call your mom or other family member or trusted church member to ask for help with cooking/family problems? I see a scary amount of neglect when it comes to scripture’s call for older women in the church to teach the younger women. I am thankful to have had a mother who is always there to teach me to cook my turkey, hem some pants, or decorate my home. I love her for it. She’s the best.

Don’t let some internet site replace the heritage of family recipes that some families are blessed with. Get out some 3by5 cards and head on over to your grandma’s house to copy some of her trusted favorites. Call your mom when you don’t know how to make your pie crust flaky and light. Ask a person before you ask a machine. You will learn so much from those around you. Your children will see you calling up Grandma instead of calling up Pinterest and their respect for her will grow.

That being said, I still think that the internet can be a great tool in learning things about housekeeping, but don’t let it replace the wealth of experience and knowledge you could gain through a conversation with your mother.