A Litany for Refreshment

I am currently enrolled in a class entitled Readings in Renaissance Literature and even though I have barely begun the reading, I can tell this course will ignite my soul in love for my Savior and also in love of the devotional literature of the Renaissance. I read today the Litany at the beginning of Bishop Andrew’s “Daily Prayers–Preperation and the First Day” and boy was it refreshing. It is a corporate, scriptural plea for holiness in the journey of the Christian life.

Oh, and just because I had to look it up, vouchsafe is defined thusly: “Give or grant (something) to (someone) in a gracious or condescending manner: ‘it is a blessing vouchsafed him by heaven.'” Thought you’d appriciate that tidbit. Enjoy!


GLORY be to Thee, O Lord, glory to Thee.
Glory to Thee who givest me sleep
to recruit my weakness,
and to remit the toils
of this fretful flesh.
To this day and all days,
a perfect, holy, peaceful, healthy,
sinless course,

Vouchsafe O Lord.

The Angel of peace, a faithful guide,
guardian of souls and bodies,
to encamp around me,
and ever to prompt what is salutary,

Vouchsafe O Lord.

Pardon and remission
of all sins and of all offences

Vouchsafe O Lord.


To our souls what is good and convenient,
and peace to the world,

Vouchsafe O Lord.

Repentance and strictness
for the residue of our life,
and health and peace to the end,

Vouchsafe O Lord.

Whatever is true, whatever is honest,
whatever just, whatever pure,
whatever lovely, whatever of good report,
if there be any virtue, if any praise,
such thoughts, such deeds,

Vouchsafe O Lord.

A Christian close,
without sin, without shame,
and, should it please Thee,
without pain,
and a good answer
at the dreadful and fearful
of Jesus Christ our Lord,.

Vouchsafe O Lord.




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