Stress and Wedding Week? Nahhhh

Hello! Well, everyone, I can count on one hand the number of days until I get married! That is so exciting. I remember when it was 105 days and I thought it would never get here. Alas, it’s here and I did survive the wait (although I didn’t think I would).

There were days when the stress of planning a wedding was overbearing and days when I forgot about the details and just got lost in the idea of marrying the man of my dreams (the latter were the most common).

This week I’ve learned a few things:

1. Delegate! There’s nothing like having capable people around you!

2. Be clear about what you want. I’m not one to make hard and fast decisions , so this point was a little hard for me. But, I learned that people really DO want to know how a bride wants her wedding run and that really helped me. I didn’t feel like bridezilla after that realization. 🙂

3. Have most everything written out exactly how you want it done before your wedding week starts. With this being finals week for me, I’ve LOVED depending on people to help me. My way of helping them is in the writing out of plans and instructions.

4. Enjoy the stress. I know, it sounds like a paradox, but it really is true. This is a time I will never live again the business and attention to detail will climax in a day of beauty. Also, it’s a celebration of love and commitment. Why should I stress out over someone breaking my vase? It’s just a thing and things can be replaced. Memories can’t.

-ACB (but not for long)

Garden update: Due to changing plans for the summer, it looks like I will only be able to keep a few of the plants I planted earlier. They’re going strong, though! The beans are particularly bountiful. 🙂


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