Corsage DIY–A Bridal Post

Well, folks. Two more weeks until I’m married! This being the case, my sweet mother and I set our minds to the task of making floral decorations for the personages of the honored guests aka corsages/boutonnieres. It was quite the adventure and involved the watching of many videos.  I’ll give you a step by step of the process here.
Step 1. Chose two or three (depending on the desired size) sprays of your favorite silk flower. One of them should have a rather long stem and the others a short stem, but still enough to attach them.

Step 2. Take some floral tape and attach the smaller stems to the long stem by winding enough tape to keep them steady. Tip: be sure to test the corsage by moving it around a bit so that you won’t be surprised by crying guests that lost their corsages. Ok, maybe that’s a little overboard. 🙂

Step 3. Wrap the stem with floral tape in order to cover the exposed plastic and make the pinning a little easier on your big day.

Step 4. If desired, add a bow to the corsage. This can be a fun way to tie in your accent color.  Tip: Boutonnieres don’t normally have ribbons. The bow above was beautifully done by my mother. Kudos to her!


-A happy bride

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