Garden update–The peas are sprouting!

Well, I went to check on my little garden last night and I found, to my surprise, that the peas were sprouting! I didn’t count on them coming up that fast! I hope they don’t get too big for me to leave them in the pot until I come back from my honeymoon!

Hope this brightens your day a little!



4 thoughts on “Garden update–The peas are sprouting!

  1. Do you already have a garden plot planned? I’m not positive, but I am fairly certain you can put them in the ground now. We’ve had ours in the ground for several weeks now. Just make sure they have a little something to climb, and they will probably do well.

  2. Tracy, I’d love to put them in, but the problem is the temperature right now. I think it’s about 37 degrees outside and I don’t want them to die. 🙂 What temperature would you recommend that I plant them?

  3. Normally peas our directly sowed into the ground, and can be put into the ground as soon as the ground has thawed. However, you can transplant peas (just be careful to allow for minimal disruption of the roots). Watch your forecast, if you are going to have three – four nights of above freezing, set them outside to begin hardening them off. If it is going to freeze overnight, you can cover them with a towel. Then on a cooler day, go ahead and transplant them into the ground. If they look like the transplant is not successful, you can plant a new crop of peas. You can also replant in August for a fall crop of peas.

    If you want to grow any lettuce, carrots, potatoes directly into the ground.

    Have fun! I have really enjoyed learning to garden over the past few years.

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