The beginning of this year’s garden!

Well, spring is almost here! And, in the midst of school work, wedding planning, and work, my future husband and I found time to plant our summer garden.

Seed packets!

We started with the basics and plan to add on when we get back from our honeymoon.

It’s kind of interesting planting a garden in the middle of your college life, but I’ll try to get over the strange looks people gave me. Some people just don’t understand green thumbs. 🙂 When I get the itch to plant, I’m planting no matter what people think!

Ahh, the feeling of dirt on the hands. I love it.

My handsome helper. I’m pretty partial. Also, I’m going to be his wife in 20 days! Gardening is such a bonding experience for us.

Oh, and we’re hoping to be able to learn to can our veggies this year. I’m kind of nervous! Any advice can be left in the comment section. 🙂

Jacob drew me a nifty little chart so I can remember where I planted what in my Jiffy Garden Starter this year. Last year I kept forgetting which plant was which until they started growing leaves. This should help a lot.

Happy gardening, everyone! I’m so glad to have this beautiful weather and the ability to plant seeds for our veggie garden.


5 thoughts on “The beginning of this year’s garden!

  1. Hi Charity,
    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. I am excited for you. Canning your own fruits and veggies is a lot of fun. Before you start, I recommend taking your canner into an extension office and have them test the pressure gage on your canner (do this every year). If your pressure gage is not correct, it will keep your veggies from getting canned properly and create a whole host of problems).

    Also, you if you check out the thrift stores, auctions, and garage sales you will be able to purchase canning jars much cheaper. Just make sure they don’t have any chips or cracks indicating the jar is weak. is a great source of information on how to can, and what to can.

    I look forward to seeing the results of your gardening work 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Tracy! That site looks very helpful. I actually don’t have a pressure canner yet. Do you have a recommended type? I’m looking in to getting one soon.

  2. I was trying to figure out what you’ve planted. I see chives, cilantro, cucumber, peas and (my fave) tomato. I can’t tell what the others are.
    You should be seeing things sprout soon, 7-10 days for most things.
    Happy gardening Charity!

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